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Carter Window Cleaning LLC is committed to giving each residential window cleaning our personal touch. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.
For a quote, call or text Reid Carter 
(260) 467-0944


Old-fashioned Hard Work

The owner at Carter Window Cleaning was taught how to clean windows by his mentor, who owned a small, family-owned window cleaning company in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He learned different squeegee techniques, along with using a hand mop and ladders, to clean windows effectively and efficiently. We don’t use a water-fed pole system, like some window cleaners use. This might mean that our service takes a little longer, but our results are well worth it.


Option 1: Interior and Exterior

If you choose our interior/exterior window cleaning service, we will always open up every window (if possible) and clean the glass on both sides, along with the frame, tracks, and sills. Cleaning each screen is also included at no extra cost to you.

Option 2: Exterior Only 

If you choose our exterior window cleaning service, we clean the glass, along with the frame and trim, around each exterior window. We will also brush away any spider webs and debris near each window. Any exterior screens will also be cleaned at no extra cost to you.


Although our services are not the cheapest in town, we do believe in reasonable prices. We charge per window pane, not an hourly rate, so that you know how much your window cleaning service will cost before you schedule your appointment. 

For a quote, call or text Reid Carter 

(260) 467-0944




Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Reid Carter started working for a small family-owned window cleaning company. While gaining experience, Reid quickly realized how exciting it was to see each client’s eyes light up when they realized how clean their windows were meant to be!

After several seasons of working in high-end mountain homes, Reid moved back to his hometown of Fort Wayne and this is where Carter Window Cleaning LLC was born. Creating lifelong clients will always be his top priority!

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